Manufacturing High Precision Parts

Aircraft Industry



Manufacturing high precision parts

YUKI Precision supplies high precision parts for industries such as : aerospace, medical technology, electrics & electronics and watchmaking.

Aerospace Quality Management System(at Chigasaki HQ)

Parts for Aircraft Industry

YUKI Precision manufactures various parts for the aircraft industry under aerospace QMS (at Chigasaki HQ). One of the particularities in this industry requires reliability of parts manufacturing processes and absolute traceability. Traceability is based on the management of various data and records regarding all the production processes. YUKI Precision can provide records on who made what parts in question with which machine and with what material. Handling such data and records, along with the manufacturing parts, and preserving it is also significant.

Aircraft Parts

Machined parts from stainless steel or heat-resistant alloy. Parts here are finger-sized ones.

Successful Projects

Aerospace Industry

YUKI Precision manufactured most parts of a microsatellite in November 2013, called WNISAT-1 orbiting around the Earth, for Axelspace Corporation. Ever since, YUKI Precision is called upon to take part in various space projects for machining parts. The aerospace industry often requires single and particular parts for each project with perfect quality and short-term delivery. YUKI Precision’s manufacturing team can directly exchange opinions & feedbacks with clients so that the time and cost can be reduced. YUKI Precision can manufacture directly from 3D data. In this case, dimensions and tolerance can be discussed seperately.

Housing Parts for Microsatellites

Above is a part of housing for microsatellites. Made out of aluminum plate, It is designed to be light weight but to keep stiffness and precision.

60 Years of Experience


Since its foundation, YUKI Precision manufactures metal parts for telecommunication devices, measuring devices and optical connectors. Swiss-type lathes produce complex parts with high quality for mass production. YUKI Precision can also provide small lot runs with high quality control.

Electronic parts

Brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium or “difficult to cut” materials are machined.