Message from CEO

Masato Otsubo

1975 Born in Chigasaki
2000 Master’s Degree from University of Tokyo, School of Engineering
2000 Joined INCS Corporation (SOLIZE Corporation, today)
2005 Awarded Grand-prize in Monodukuri Nippon, Minister of METI awards.
2006 Joined YUKI Precision Co., Ltd as Executive Managing Director
2012 Awarded Grand-prize in IT Management organized by METI
2013 Became President & CEO
2014 Chosen as one of the 300 most active SME by METI

 In 1950, my grandfather Saburo Otsubo created Otsubo Screw Manufacturing, to produce small screws. Since then, more than 60 years YUKI Precision manufactures machined parts for our important clients.

 However, in 1990, we had to face the difficulty of losing orders related to low-cost manufacturing going abroad as well as reduction of machined components used in devices through technological evolution. In 2001, YUKI Precision saw the loss of significant orders of optic fiber connectors as the IT bubble broke up. At that time, we recovered by doing commercial activities on the internet. However, YUKI Precision had to face with the fact that continuing dependence on the electronic industry meant the diminution of orders.

 When I joined YUKI Precision in 2006, I had much to do but did not know where to start. What I did know was that the reason why our royal clients continued to give us orders: quality & trust.
So I decided to go into industries where these values are respected.
I also created a R&D department to be not only limited to manufacturing to the drawings of clients, but also to propose engineering design as well. YUKI Precision started to obtain more and more orders.

 Everyday challenges brought necessary developments, necessary for evolution of the company.
In 2014, we now work in the aerospace/aeronautic and medical devices industries. Keep challenging and pursuing development, but respecting quality and trust, that is the force of YUKI Precision.
In closing, the origin of our company’s name comes from the given name of the founder’s wife, Yukie.
The name uses kanji for happiness. I will do my best to keep my company going forward by bringing happiness through our products to society, clients, partners and also to my co-workers.

Our Mission

Pursuit of Universal Value

Universal values does not choose people nor place. Values such as : high precision, beautiful finish, reliability, not to focus on fleeting trends, not to be a show-off. For the Japanese spirit of “Monodzukuri” (The Way of the Manufacture), we pursue such absolute values.

Challenge and Development

Always keep challenging, which means development. Such development is the competitive force for the future.


Our company’s name comes from the wife of founder, Yukie [幸江]. This kanji character means happiness.
– For the happiness of our society where YUKI can bring with its products.
– For the happiness of our clients.
– For the happiness of the employees of YUKI Precision.
These are the base of YUKI Precision’s happiness.